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Formerly known as Brookville and Clear Creek, Brookdale is a small town that has been snuggled into the redwoods and oak trees since the late 19th century when the Logan Lumber Mill was operating, supporting the economic growth of Central California.

The turn of the century was an important time for California. The increasing population of San Francisco and the import-export popularity of Santa Cruz gave the logging and mining industry plenty of work and capitol for development.

Brookedale, CAThe Brookdale Lodge is the best-known attraction of Brookdale. James Harvey Logan, an entrepreneur and District Attorney in 1890, on the site of the famous Grover Lumber Mill, built the Lodge. The Prohibitionist physician, Dr. F. K. Camp, between 1920 and 1945, added the Brookroom, the main attraction to the Lodge as it has a stream running thought the dining area. Over the years, it was owned by gangsters and visited by famous Americans like Merlyn Monroe and President Herbert Hoover these facts, plus rumors of bodies buried in the floors, oddly circumstantial deaths, numerous accounts of haunting, and secret passageways make the lodge a great American attraction situated along the beautiful Hwy 9 passage through the Central California mountains.

Brookdale is a mountain town surrounded by the hustle and bustle of California city life that has preserved its peaceful, small-town demeanor. Big Basin State park is 12 miles north of Brookdale and the Santa Cruz beaches are 12 miles south. Brookdale is a great place to stay, as one could visit Big Basin, Santa Cruz beaches, and Henry Cowell State Park within minutes.

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