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Felton is one of those unique towns tucked away in the hills of California’s Redwoods that is home to tales of honor, faith, and scandal. Having many known and not-so-known sites, this little town is part of a historical backbone to the development and success of the great state of California.

Felton, CAIn downtown Felton, one may visit her beloved historical landmark, an old church which is now a community library. Just east, one can see the famous covered bridge in Felton’s Covered Bridge Park. South on California State Highway 9 is the entrance to Henry Cowell State Park where the famous Giant Redwoods tower over visitors as they have for hundreds of years. Just north, one will find Fall Creek Trail, a hiking trail that leads to many sites, including the historically significant Lime Stone Kilns, where lime stone was gathered from the mountains, supplying a necessary element to the bricks which would be used to build San Francisco and other developing parts of the state.

On the corner of Orchard and Hillside there is a very old street sign showing the southwestern boundary of a Mexican land grant for Rancho Zayante. This marks a historical scandal involving John Majors and Isaac Graham as they cooperated in a dishonest land grant (the only one in the area). Majors applied for the grant in 1841 as a Mexican citizen, in Graham’s stead, so Graham could develop it into a successful mountain town with its own rowdy version of historical Californian hubbub.

Rancho Zayante is now downtown Felton where its main capital interests consisted of a famous sawmill near the train rails, Roaring Camp Railroad – known for is “roaring” nights at the on-site saloon-, and a group of cabins that were in an area now known as Mount Hermon; all of which are on Graham Hill Road. The hard work of the saw mill workers, the miners, kiln workers, as well as the crafty planning of Isaac Graham, makes for an interesting trip into California History, a great town in which to live, and a fantastic place to visitor and tourists.

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