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Scotts Valley

The history of Scotts Valley dates back hundreds of years. For the past three hundred years, the valley has changed dominions in several significant ways. The first inhibitors are the Paleo Indians. When and how they lost the land is not clearly known but we do know Scotts Valley was once a Mexican/Spanish region named Rancho San Agustin.

Scotts Valley, CAJoseph Majors purchased rancho San Agustin from a Russian born Mexican citizen, Jose Antonio Bolcoff. Majors, was a friend of Isaac Graham (founder of Felton) and the founder of a gristmill that supplied wheat to Santa Clara Valley and the establishment of Thomas Larkin, in Monterey.

Majors sold the Rancho to Hiram Scott, a sailor from Maine, when his duties as Santa Cruz mayor gave him a convenient opportunity to get out of the grain and dairy business. Scott moved much of his family from Maine and they became the primary inhabitants of Scotts Valley by 1860. The Scott House, built in 1853, is still a local landmark and is currently under restoration by the Scotts Valley Historical Society. The Scott House was originally on Scotts Valley Drive, but was moved 300 yards, up the hill, over 60 years ago suffering very little structural damage

Business boomed for another 80 years until Hwy 1 opened and through traffic slowed down. Scotts Valley incorporated in the 1960’s, officially recognized as a city, ending its ruling ties with Santa Cruz. Over time, Scotts Valley’s businesses recovered from the HWY 1 shock and by the late 1960s they bounced back.

Scotts Valley is surrounded by the Santa Cruz Mountains, resting in a beautiful and developing valley that is home to several tech companies and many plazas that serve the thriving business community.

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